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At Carrera Motors all work is done under one roof


Carrera Motors was born out of a love for Porsche, and four decades on, that is still the basis of all we do.

Owners Peter Dorfer and Franz Stangl were trained as technicians at Porsche Salzburg – owned and run by Louise Piëch, sister of Ferry Porsche. After making the long journey to the southern tip of Africa, it was inevitable that these two highly qualified Porsche ‘alumni’ would use their passion for the marque and the technical expertise acquired at the heart of Porsche’s European operations, to found their own firm specialising in the marque.

Carrera Motors has had a close relationship with Porsche from the start, and the company’s technicians have kept up with latest developments, receiving training on each new model launched over the past 40 years.

Servicing equipment has also continually been upgraded so that, with the wealth of experience and expertise accumulated by Peter, Franz and ‘modern Porsche guru’ Jacques van den Bergh, Carrera Motors is able to care for and maintain all Porsche models, from the very earliest 356s to the latest models.

We also supply a full range of parts for almost any Porsche. The division is manned by Hans Schober and his son, John, South Africa’s foremost experts on Porsche spares.

No matter the condition of your Porsche, from ‘barn find’ to spanking new, Carrera Motors is the place to get it into perfect condition.




Carrera introduces more upgrades to its technical base, ensuring that it is able to service all Porsches, from the 356s of the late 1940s, through to the very latest Carrera, Turbo, Cayenne, Cayman and Panamera models. It also remains the biggest South African Porsche parts supplier after Porsche Centre.



Carrera Motors continues to be a successful service and sales centre for Porsches (almost) new and old. Around this time, a Porsche 356 Cabriolet sells for R1 million, the first oldie to reach that magic mark.



A similar 356 run is undertaken to Namibia. The group participating in the ‘Tour nach Namibia’ travel via Botswana, crossing the Kalahari, and then visit major tourist spots in Namibia, including Swakopmund, Walvis Bay and Sossusvlei, before returning to Randburg.



The 356 Register organises the Tour du Cap, a cross-country run that sees 30 356s undertake a memorable run from Randburg to Cape Town, via the Eastern Cape.



Porsche Centre South Africa is established and Carrera Motors loses the new car Porsche franchise, but continues as a recognised Porsche service centre and spares outlet. Sales of used Porsches boom as 356 and early 911 models gain classic status.



Peter Dorfer flies his immaculate 1967 Porsche 911S to Germany for the 30th anniversary celebrations of the 911 model. At the gathering of Porsches from all over the world at Schloss Ludwigsburg, the car is named the best 1967S in the world. At Porsches request, it spends the next five years n display in the factory museum. The picture shows Louise Piëch, 911 designer FA (Butzi) Porsche and his wife alongside Peter’s car in Ludwigsburg.



Franz prepares a series of rally 911s, and competes himself in international events. After a ‘trial run’ in the 1992 Roof of Africa Rally, he and Stanley Illman contest the 1993 London to Sidney, 1995 London to Mexico and 1997 Panamerican/Alaska marathons.



The 356 Register publishes a magazine, and Ferry Porsche himself commends the efforts of the team, writing a letter which is published in the first issue. The Register is recognised directly by Porsche Germany, and Ilse Naedele, in charge of club activities around the world, visits South Africa



Porsche continues to do well in South Africa and Carrera Motors is a key player, both in selling cars and servicing them. Hans Schober, previously spares manager at Lindsay Saker, joins to head up Carrera Motors’ parts operation.



Both partners take part regularly in competition, with the Porsche Club and in national and regional racing. Iconic vehicles include the six-cylinder Porsche Speedster campaigned by Franz at Kyalami, and a Porsche 944 Turbo Cup machine driven by Peter. The same year, Peter founds the Porsche 356 Register Southern Africa.



Lindsay Saker, importers of the Porsche brand, appoint Carrera Motors as an official Porsche agent and accredited service centre. Franz, Peter and their technicians undergo regular training courses at Porsche in Germany to keep up to speed with the latest technological developments.



After branching out on their own to service Porsche models as ‘Carrera Motors’, the pair go on to buy the property they are working out of in Randburg, becoming a fully-fledged service station and service centre.


Early 70s

The pair practise their trade as motor technicians, servicing VWs and BMWs at a number of dealerships in the Witwatersrand area. They also explore Africa, using a faithful VW Kombi, and, as motor enthusiasts, compete in motorsports and offroad events such as the Trans Kalahari.



Peter Dorfer, inspired by a round-Europe trip in his VW Beetle, gets the wanderlust and decides to seek fame and fortune in South Africa. Franz follows a few months later.



First Peter Dorfer, then Franz Stangl, join Porsche Salzburg, serving their apprenticeship and servicing Porsches and VW Beetles at the Bahnhofstrasse branch. Mrs Louise Piëch, sister of Ferry Porsche, is ‘the boss’, ruling her empire with a rod of iron.

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